About LJS


Why can't fashion be functional? 

Why can’t luxury be affordable? 

With LJS I set out to create stylish, well designed, quality products that balance both edgy sophistication and chic versatility. 

Born and raised in Chicago, I headed West at age 18 to pursue my dream of becoming a dancer.  I enjoyed a successful career as a dancer and choreographer and later, a professional makeup artist.  Both paths were incredibly rewarding and brought with them extensive travel (some years with 200+ days on the road) and an active lifestyle.

Like most of us, I struggled with juggling my favorite activities and social life with work, not to mention hauling all the gear that came with it.  I found that the majority of bags were designed for specific occasions or unique uses vs. a multi-tasking lifestyle.  LJS Brand was created to solve this predicament for myself and others.

Whether you are a fashionista, weekend warrior, traveller or trendsetter with LJS it's in the bag..

LJS Brand Owner & Founder: Laura Jane

Photo: @missbeepatiri

Styling: @ggypsy_lady